Success Workshops

Fall 2015 Workshops:

Time Management  Tuesday, August 25th 11:05-11:55 Clough 127

                              Tuesday, September 29th 11:05-11:55 Clough 325

To Drop or Not?     Tuesday, October 6th 11:05-11:55 Clough 131

                              Tuesday, October 20th 11:05-11:55 Clough 131

How to prepare for Finals   Tuesday, November 17th 11:05-11:55 Clough 131

                                          Thursday, November 19th 11:05-11:55 Clough 131

Workshops on Academic Success topics are available by request. Students, faculty, or staff may contact us at to arrange presentations for their courses and organizations.

On-Demand Student Success Workshops

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